Spryker hosting

Managed platform for Spryker Commerce OS on Amazon AWS cloud


KoreKontrol offers managed hosting for Spryker Commerce OS. Our platform is build as a cloud-native technology, which pushes devops automation and employs continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines as first-class citizens. On top of managed hosting with incident handling and SLA, we provide consulting and engineering services for enterprise integration.

Service details

Spryker platform is built on leading public cloud providers, including AWS - Amazon Web Services. Our architecture is compatible with Spryker Suite (B2B or B2C) repositories and allows quick rollout of servers and other infrastructure components, minimizing your time to market and internal efforts needed to understand hosting aspects of this software stack. Out managed platform includes several development and operations tools, required for smooth and effective application lifecycle management. Those include:

Platform stability

KoreKontrol has been providing operation support for years. KoreKontrol Spryker platform has been deployed for various projects and has proven to work stable in challenging environments. Thanks to deep expertise of Spryker Commerce OS - which results from long-term cooperation - our customers development teams are adviced how to improve application security, stability and performance. So that your e-Commerce solution just runs, in a reliable way.

You own your data

KoreKontrol creates and manages accounts for its customers. We are authorized to resell AWS resources and member of AWS Solution Provider program. "Your machines, your code and your data" - all that is located on AWS account which belongs to you. We are responsible for initial setup, operations and billing. You are the legal owner of infrastructure.


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