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KoreKontrol provides managed hosting services for eCommerce systems, such as Spryker and Shopware. With strong focus on a cloud-first approach we help our customers to architect and implement first-class software. KoreKontrol platform for Spryker and Shopware are build with modern approach, focused on devops methodology and high level of automation. Our stack covers following aspects of operations:

  • Monitoring, incident handling with SLA
  • Scalability management and capacity planning
  • Build and deployment pipelines
  • Centralized, structured logging
  • Backup and restore procedures
  • Secure environment
  • Deep expertise of eCommerce applications

KoreKontrol offers independent, professional advice. Our system administrators ensure that once the system is running, it meets highest standards for seamless, scalable operations. Our focus is very narrow, we work with selected software stacks only. Thanks to that, our deep expertise covers not only infrastructure part, but also specifics of your eCommerce application and framework.

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Do you need expert support for reliable, secure and performant hosting or big data / cloud environments? Our primary focuses are linux server administration, database scaling, application optimization and infrastructure setup automation. Outsourcing and consulting services offer different support models to match with your business needs. We are based in Berlin, but provide services globally, to customers in Europe and America.

  • System architecting
  • DevOps consulting
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Code
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Cloud adoption strategies
  • Application architecture design
  • Training

By understanding your requirements, we aim to solve your problems the correct way, whilst respecting your limits. We don’t do "one-size fits all" solutions. We believe in long-term partnership. Through strategically planned solutions for you, we are able to help you achieve your success.

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"If it's not in code repository - it does not exist" is one of our principles. It covers not only application itself, but also intrastructure, software testing and delivery process, configuration and compliance management. Our cross-functional team deliver complete, integrated solutions, with internal competencies including:

  • User interaction analysis
  • Graphical design - online, DTP, 3D
  • Frontend web implementation in HTML5 and React
  • Backend implementation in PHP, node.js/typescript and Python
  • Orchestration of microservices, SOA and distributed systems
  • Monitoring and alerting tools
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Code with Terraform
  • Configuration-as-a-Code with SaltStack
  • Pipelines-as-a-Code with Jenkins
  • Project management