Spryker managed hosting platform

Marek Obuchowicz
Marek Obuchowicz


KoreKontrol product portfolio has grown. We offer now managed hosting for Spryker Commerce OS. Our platform is cloud-first technology, which pushes devops automation and employs continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines as first-class citizens. On top of managed hosting we provide consulting and engineering services for enterprise integration.

Spryker platform is built on top of leading public cloud providers, including AWS - Amazon Web Services.

Check the official Spryker hosting page.

About Spryker Commerce OS

Spryker helps you reach customers across all digital touchpoints. The Spryker Commerce OS provides all functionalities for a successful commerce business without standardizing or prescribing the components you need.

Spryker’s licensing is as flexible as the product itself. It has been proven for businesses of any size. The licensing fee depends on the number of developers (dev seats) that are working with the Spryker Commerce OS. Scale your dev seats based on your business requirements at any given point.


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