KoreKontrol announces SaltStack support for Spryker

Marek Obuchowicz
Marek Obuchowicz


KoreKontrol has been selected by Spryker commerce OS to deliver development VM infrastructure-as-a-code implementation. SaltStack is used as the configuration management / orchestration technology. Automated builds and publishing is handled by Jenkins continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) system. The implementation is published with open source license on GitHub. Development VM ("DevVM") allows almost instant setup of Spryker for developers.

Challenges and support

We have expect several challenges, as the requirement set is pretty broad. We don't know exact configuration of developers machines. We rely heavily on external software, like Vagrant, Ruby and VirtualBox. The infrastructure we develop has big focus on ease of use, automatical handling of different configurations and quick Spryker setup.

We also offer customized Dev VM builds. If your team and company has requirements which are different than default Dev VM, we can provide customizations and adjusted build process, so that the development virtual machine reflects production hosting software configuration.

About Spryker

Spryker is a new product, but draws on a lengthy e-commerce track record - it is the result of more than 250 e-commerce projects.

The Spryker framework allows users to roll out a variety of business models - rapidly, and on a global basis. Spryker offers speed in situations where standard solutions will slow down IT teams and development from scratch will take too long. It's fast and based on a solid, lightweight architecture to fit custom requirements. Based on cutting edge technology stack (including: PHP, node.js, MySQL or PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ) it allows building high-performance solutions, ready to be hosted on bare-metal or cloud servers.


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