DigitalService & KoreKontrol teamed up on Steuerlotse to automate tax declaration for pensioners across Germany.

Marek Obuchowicz
Marek Obuchowicz

Digital transformation of tax declaration for senior citizens.

Steuerlotse is a product of DigitalService, the in-house software development unit of the German federal government. The tax service was one of the very first products of the newly founded government agency. It was developed in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Finance to improve access to digital tax tools for older citizens. We co-worked on the platform as it was launched publicly in its MVP state. The DigitalService team wanted to learn from live products and answer challenges in a quick and efficient manner. We, KoreKontrol, supported them in building the infrastructure for their first products.

Building a backbone for digital transformation

We co-worked with DigitalService to bootstrap a secure and scalable deployment platform for their application, including a state-of-the-art observability stack and alerting system. We worked closely with the DigitalService engineering team to prioritize the work according to their ambitious timelines and quickly found solutions to the specific challenges of their hosting environment, tailoring our solutions to the specific needs of this project.

" Thanks to the work by KoreKontrol, we were able to launch our product in the planned time frame, which otherwise wouldn't have been possible.

Currently, Steuerlotse iterates fast and makes new releases often, thanks to the modern setup we helped build for ST. The company launched its product in the planned time frame, which otherwise wouldn't have been possible. ST engineers learned a great deal about Kubernetes during this project. It was important for us to equip them fast to deal with day-to-day operations.

Iterative work and continuous improvement are at the core of DigitalService's philosophy. This approach allows shipping software that truly serves the needs of the citizens by answering their needs. Great hosting and CI/CD setup are indispensable for this way of work.

"Iterative work and continuous improvement are at the core of our way of working. This allows us to ship software that serves the needs of citizens."

Steuerlotse is now live, with its team iterating and developing its software continuously. This is a huge step toward digitalization in Germany, where the current state public administration is still very complex. DigitalService believes that well-crafted, modern software can reduce some of its complexity & make digital products better for everyone, especially underserved user groups.

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